From the street to the stage
The circus project CIRCO FANTAZZTICO

The social project Circo Fantazztico offers socially endangered children and youths coming from poor districts of San Isidro, Costa Rica, leisure-time activities and an alternative to gang crime. The circus project gives them a new perspective in a difficult social environment. Through the circus, a social community and a safe space is provided for participants to spend their free time in a meaningful, positive and healthy way. The Circo offers weekly courses for more than 200 children and youths. In different age groups they get to know artistic skills and circus arts. The trainings are led by the internal Circo-team, volunteers and former artists. The individual needs of every single child are considered and their individual strengths are taken as a basis to build upon. In this photo report the every-day life of two young artists is depicted. Pictures by Christian Jaeggi.